Welcome to All Together Altoona

A revised draft of the All Together Altoona Comprehensive Plan is now ready!

Visit the Library page on this website to review the draft and to submit comments and questions.


Attend a public meeting hosted by the Altoona City Planning Commission to learn about the plan and provide your feedback. The meeting initiates a 45-day public comment period.

Tuesday, April 23rd


Margaret Avenue Training Facility

1747 Margaret Avenue

What is All Together Altoona?

All Together Altoona is the process behind the development of Altoona's new comprehensive plan, a long-range planning document that will provide the city with a vision for the future and a path towards that vision. It will be Altoona's first new comprehensive plan since 2013, when the Positively Altoona plan was adopted. 

To ensure that All Together Altoona is an implementable plan, it will include the following critical components:

A community-wide process

Development of Altoona's Comprehensive Plan is being informed and guided by the Altoona community through several methods of engagement, including:

Steering Committee


A Steering Committee of local stakeholders is working closely with project consultants and City staff to help identify key issues, interpret findings, and guide the planning process.

Kitchen Table Conversations


Steering committee members are hosting Kitchen Table Conversations—small, facilitated discussions that will aid the identification of important issues and how the community makes decisions about land development and growth.

Online Surveys


An online survey in July 2023 will seek broad public feedback on important questions that will shape the plan and its decision-making framework.

Open House Roadshows


Open houses in July and December 2023 will provide an opportunity for local residents to learn about the planning process and have in-depth conversations with project consultants, City staff, and steering committee members about issues important to them. 


All Together Altoona began in May 2023 and will feature three overlapping phases of work. That work will culminate in April 2024, when the plan will be ready for review by the Altoona City Planning Commission and City Council. 

As the project unfolds, visit this website for periodic updates, including presentations, posters, and drafts on the Library page.